La Ciudad de las Fieras

The City of the Wild Beasts

from 16 y/o


17-year-old Tato is an orphan with no direction, a young rap lover. Together with his friends he seeks to resist and find a different alternative to death and crime through the art of hip hop and street rap battles. Tato must flee his neighbourhood, leaving behind what defines him most. His only option is to leave the city and live with Octavio, a grandfather.

Young People’s Panorama

Henry E. Rincón

After studying acting for theatre and film, he decided to take on the path as a film project manager, which led him to work in various production positions in several feature films and series over the course of 10 years, nationally and internationally. Thus, from his adventurous spirit and his interest in film production, in 2011 he created the company Héroe Films SAS, to develop and produce films with a high aesthetic, artistic and narrative value that focus on social issues.