Republika dzieci

The Republic of Children

from 10 y/o


A group of figures escapes the paintings of famous painters Jacek Malczewski, Józef Mehoffer and Witold Wojtkiewicz. A huge hydroelectric power station is about to start operating nearby. When this happens, water will cover thousands of hectares of land. Meanwhile, a group of fugitives sets off from the children’s home located in the town which is to be flooded. The children disagree with the decisions of adults and don’t want to be separated forever.


Jan Jakub Kolski

Film director, cinematographer and screenwriter. In 1985 he graduated from the Cinematography Department of PWSFTviT in Łódź. He has been honoured with numerous awards for his filmmaking, including Polityka's Passport. Member of the European Film Academy. He founded the film studio Wytwórnia Doświadczalna, that debuted with the film “Las, 4 rano” (2016). His short documentary films have earned him the nickname “the stuntman of the Polish short film".