Die gestiefelte Katze

Cat in Boots

from 7 y/o


So dear people! I am now a cat minister! Did you see? Courage and self-confidence are good and important! Don’t despair if someone doesn’t see what you can do. Believe in yourself and your wishes.

Neighbourhood – 3 Festivals: Chemnitz, Poznań, Zlín

Britt Dunse

She is a filmmaker and visual artist based in Berlin, Germany. After her honour as Meisterschüler in Experimental Mediadesign at the University of the Arts Berlin, she started to work for children’s television and created and directed several films for children, as well as experimental films and music videos, which were also screened and awarded at festivals and exhibitions. She also worked as a teacher for animation and film at the FH Lübeck and the University of the Arts Berlin.