In a Young Critic’s Opinion #10: "Dating Amber"

We dedicate the In a Young Critic’s Opinion series to the group of young people who have been associated with Ale Kino! for years. They met us when they were just pre-schoolers coming to our screenings of the best cartoons; they’ve stayed with us, even now when they are already diligent high-schoolers or adult university students. We are happy to hand them over our website and read their opinions on the films shown during the 38. edition of the Ale Kino! Festival.

‘Dating Amber’ is a film directed by David Freyne who loves romantic comedies. Is this production one of their cheesy examples? Certainly not.

We live in the world that teaches us to be ambitious and dream big since we’re little. Everyone keeps telling us that we can become anyone we want. Is it really true? We’re actually being judged all the time. People comment on what we do, how we dress, what decisions we make and what sexual orientation we are. Amber and Eddie live in a small community and are pressured by their peers to fit in.

The story takes us back to the 1990s and this isn’t a coincidence, because it’s the decade marked by the beginning of the liberalization processes, including decriminalization of homosexuality in Catholic Ireland. Will the protagonists find the courage to fight for themselves and for their happiness? ‘Dating Amber’ is a beautiful story about overcoming one’s own fears and becoming comfortable with the truth. It’s not about tolerance, it’s about acceptance, since no one should only be tolerated, but fully accepted and respected – I believe that this film conveys this message perfectly. How does one’s orientation change the way they love anyway? There is only one type of love – sincere and true. Amber and Eddie taught me how to love myself and fight for my happiness. I’m sure they will also show you how to do that.

See what their road to self-acceptance and happiness looks like and watch ‘Dating Amber’ at on December 4th at 6:00 p.m.

Dominika Kasperska