Ole Śpijsłodko

Ole Luk-oie

from 8 y/o


This adaptation of H.Ch. Andersen’s fairy tale is a magical journey into the land of dreams and imagination, created in the technique of painting animation with oil paints on canvas directly under the camera. It is an attempt to tame the phenomenon of dreams, children’s (and not only) fear of night and death. Ole Luk-oie invites Hjalmar on a journey through dreams. On one occasion Ole introduces Hjalmar to his brother, who comes to everyone only once...


Joanna Jasińska-Koronkiewicz

Director, screenwriter, set designer, animator, cinematographer. She makes her own films in oil paint animation techniques on canvas directly under the camera and in cut-out techniques. She has been honoured with over 20 awards and distinctions. Member of the Polish Filmmakers Association.