Mon Cirque à Moi

My Very Own Circus

from 12 y/o

Polish dubbing

10.12 10:00 Online Online room 2

Born into a family of circus performers, Laura has spent much of her young life on tour with her father Bill, a professional clown, and his stagehand, Mandeep. Secretly, she yearns for a more conventional life. Thanks to her new Secondary I teacher, Patricia (Sophie Lorain), she can finally fulfil her dream: to go to private school. 


Miryam Bouchard

With a strong and diverse background, as well as a unique journey of more than 15 years in directing, this Concordia Film Production graduate has an impressive track record. Her career started when she directed more than twenty music videos in less than two years. However, she quickly turned to the television industry and directed her first two TV shows.