Lion bleu

Blue Lion

from 12 y/o

no dialogue

A lonely peasant welcomes home a distressed kitten who one day becomes a big blue lion. But the villagers are afraid, they are suspicious of this creepy-looking stranger and chase him away. So the peasant sets up his house on a cart, picks up the lion and his cow, then leaves. Only his birch tree remains, which could not be uprooted...


Zoia Trofimova

She became animation assistant in the studios of Yekaterinburg, then studied cinema in Moscow VGIK from 1989 to 1995. In 1994, she made her first animated short, Trifle, then worked for the Russian film director Mikhaïl Aldashin (Nativity). After her training as a director at the Moscow Animation Film School, in 1996–1997, she made her second film, Le Trop Petit Prince, as part of a grant for a stay in France.