Mission Ulja Funk

Mission Ulja Funk

from 10 y/o
Germany, Luxembourg, Poland

Polish dubbing

07.12 14:00 Online Online room 3

Twelve-year-old Ulja takes interest in astronomy. However, her way of thinking is at odds with the beliefs and world view of her overbearing grandmother and the local pastor. The clever girl predicts that a small asteroid will soon hit the Earth in Belarus. With the help of a friend, the girl hijacks a hearse and sets off on an adventurous journey through Germany, Poland and Belarus.

Children’s Panorama

Barbara Kronenberg

A scriptwriter and director, Barbara started her career accidentally as a software developer and almost died of boredom back then. She decided to leave her safe and quiet life behind, did a Bachelor’s in media production and then studied Screenwriting and Directing at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. Her debut feature Mission Ulja Funk was completed in early 2021 and opened the Generation Section at the 71st Berlinale.