Max und die wilde 7

Max & The Wild Bunch

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Living in a senior citizens’ home when you’re just nine years old – can you imagine anything more boring? But before Max knows it, he’s caught up in an exciting criminal investigation and finds the best of friends in the grumpy retirees from Table 7. Even if they are already collectively over two hundred years old...

Children’s Panorama

Winfried Oelsner

Director and scriptwriter. Together with his wife, the writer and screenwriter Lisa-Marie Dickreiter, Winfried began the children’s book series Max und die Wilde 7 in 2014. The first volume Das schwarze Ass was awarded the children’s book prizes Der goldene Bücherpirat and Paderborner Hase in 2015. The couple also co-wrote the screen adaptation of the books, Max und die wilde 7 (“Max & the Wild Bunch”). The film, directed by Winfried, was released in German cinemas in August 2020.