Jane Calamity, une enfance de Martha Jane Cannary

Calamity – A Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary

from 11 y/o
France, Denmark

Polish dubbing

06.12 14:00 Online Online room 3

Martha Jane is 12 years old, strong, brave and... well, a girl. In the Wild West, this can only mean one thing: adventures are not for her. When she sets off on a journey across America with her family and other settlers, she has no idea how many new experiences await her.


Rémi Chayé

Rémi discovered the world of animation by chance while working as an illustrator. In 2003, he enrolled at La Poudrière animation school, where he made three short films. He went on to work as a storyboard artist and assistant director on a number of films. Long Way North (Audience Award at Annecy), for which he was also graphic designer, was his debut feature film. Rémi returns in 2020 with Calamity, which won the Cristal Award for Best Feature Film at Annecy.