Die mit dem Regen kam

After the Rain

from 13 y/o

Arabic, Kurdish, Greek

In the middle of nowhere, seven-year-old Yazidi girl Merjan finds herself stranded alone on an unknown shore. The only person around in this no man’s land is 19-year-old Diyab. They don’t speak the same language and neither of them knows where they are. Holding on to the hope of finding her father, Merjan refuses to leave the shore, while Diyab wants to find his way to promised land...


Beston Zîrian

A freelance director, screenwriter and cinematographer. He worked as a camera and lighting assistant in various international cinema and television productions such as In Darkness (Agnieszka Holland). He has been organizing camera workshops about image design and camera work. From 2015 to 2016, he was a participant of the TP2 Talent Pool in the section of directing where he developed the feature film project The Broken Doll.