Mamma Mu hittar hem

Mamma Moo Finds Her Way Home

od 5 lat

Polish dubbing

12.12 10:00 Online Online room 2

Mamma Moo sees the farmer and his family leave to go on vacation, and their obvious excitement rubs off on her. Mamma Moo wants to go on vacation, too. If she only knew what it was. Crow, who of course doesn’t think cows have vacations, gets drawn in the search for the answer. Is it doing nothing? That seems strange…

Children’s Panorama

Christian Ryltenius

Christian started his career at the Swedish studio Penn Film AB. He studied classical animation at Sheridan College in Canada, before returning to Penn Film as an animator. He directed two feature films about Bamse, which proved to be two of the most successful Swedish animated features of all time. Christian is currently directing the animated feature Pelle Svanslös, which was released December 2019.